Diana – Redemption and Hope

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“Let me start with the exciting part.”  These were the first words Diana spoke on the day we met when asked about her journey and how it intersected with Wear Gloves.  She was so eager to tell me about how God brought her to the Dignity Center. She radiated with joy when speaking about the family she has found here on campus. Confidently, she gives all glory to God for the freedom and restoration she’s obtained over the past year.

Diana’s story did not begin with freedom though; rather with brokenness and bondage.  The abuse and trauma she experienced at a young age led her to search for ways to forget all she endured. Raised without her parents and in unstable conditions, her path through most of her younger years was not one paved in the confidence and hope that she now lives in every day. For most of her life she used substances to mask the hurt and emptiness she had inside.

Prior to coming to the Dignity Center, 13 months ago, she was in Jacksonville.  Her addiction paired with a sense of isolation had led her to feel hopeless and in her attempt to permanently end the feeling of loss and pain; there is where she ultimately found her new life and redemption.  At her lowest point and feeling completely alone, it was a phone call from an old friend that sparked a glimmer of hope. The phone call led her to Ocala and the Unity house and very shortly after Wear Gloves.

Over the past year, Diana has found that focus and faith are the key to maintaining her hope.  She doesn’t hold on to her past any longer. She has found freedom in her surrender to the path God has set for her. With full confidence and excitement, she said, “The calling is here.” The feeling of finding family was immediate.  “God brought me here.  How do I know? Mrs. Wendy knows sign language.  I am 90% deaf and I have always had a desire to learn sign language and be an interpreter.”  Diana has been hearing impaired since childhood when repetitive ear infections caused damage that could not be reversed. If that alone was not enough to know this is where God wanted her, when asked, “Why do you stay?”, she replied, “Being a part of a family, I’ve never had that before.” She never knew the feeling of belonging. Belonging with others who love and care for you until she walked on campus here.  
She went on to say that she doesn’t believe God gives a gift without a struggle, but He will take your struggle and align it and use it for repurposing and replenishing to fulfill the calling He has for you.

Her life has not been heartbreak free since coming here, losing her brother to his addiction this past October and having other relationships unreconciled.  Diana’s faith in the process and how God is restoring her gives her hope despite the ups or downs life may throw her way. She knows regardless God is there to catch the lows, “He’ll use all things for good and His glory.”
Her most recent highlights include; her fiancé, her involvement in the ministry of Church in the Garden, having 4 wheels to transport her and starting school in January. She’ll be obtaining her official sign language interpreter certification and eventually, she hopes to work at the courthouse interpreting for the hearing impaired.  She has some experience as a special education teacher and wonders if God will align her path back to education.  For now, she is giving thanks back to God for everything he has blessed her with and for sending her here. Reflectively she said, “Mr. Ken and this company giving me hope….”, as she paused you could feel her gratitude. “Now I just try to give back whenever I can”, she stated with a firm belief that when she does that the Lord takes care of the rest.

Though her trauma and pain almost cut her story short, God’s redeeming grace was far from closing the book on what lies ahead for Dianna. The true character of her heart has too much hope and faith to lay idle.  God has big plans and Dianna intends to follow wherever He leads her next.

Tiffany TuckerDiana – Redemption and Hope

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