Meet Your Barista: Carol Boyer

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Carol has been working at the Dignity Center for about a year now and is one of the rockstar baristas at the Dignity Roasters Coffeehouse. She enjoys learning the coffee trade, painting her nails bright colors, & crocheting. She has a love for cats, dolphins, and is a fan of the Wild West (grew up riding horses)… and cowboys in tight-fitting jeans. Carol will be celebrating 1 year sobriety from alcohol this April and has an amazing story to share!

Wendy Kebrdle, founder of Wear Gloves, Inc. adds, “Carol is a faithful and dependable, hard worker. We have seen her physical and spiritual life blossom since we met her. We are honored to have her on the team.”

How has working for Wear Gloves, Inc. at the Dignity Center impacted your life for the better?

Besides learning new trades, it has helped with my spirituality. It has helped with working the AA program and with building self-confidence. I’ve learned to respect trade work and have developed new skills; which at 60 years old, just goes to show that you can do this stuff at any age. I’ve started to feel like a useful part of society, after being homeless for over a year. I’d still be homeless if it weren’t for Ken & Wendy giving me a chance. I’ve had the opportunity to meet influential people in this community and share my story with them and connect with people I never thought I would. The best part is that I feel like I’ve got a family. I have built friendships with the people here and I know that I have a shoulder to cry on when I need it. This place is my spiritual haven. Every time I have walked through those doors I’ve felt as if the world, the pain of my past, was fading away day after day. There was a time in life when I felt like I was a lone tree, unable to stand and grow, but being with the people at the Dignity Center and the community of AA, I’ve found myself in the middle of a forest. At every turn there are branches outstretched, lifting me up, helping me to stand tall. And now I have the privilege of extending help to others. The Dignity Center is a safe place where I know I am cared for. My true friends… family are here.

What are some of the new skills you’ve learned here?

Key stamping, painting, woodworking, soap & candle making. And,  of course, coffee! Learning the different grinding methods, roasts, brews, bagging… but the biggest thing I’ve learned is that there are no make mistakes.

No mistakes? What do you mean?

Everything is unique. What I do is unique to me. There aren’t really mistakes because each item is handmade, custom. So, the product I make may look completely different from someone else’s and that’s what makes it special. It’s unique to the way it was made by the individual – one of a kind.

What do you like most about working at the Dignity Center?

Being with the people. Like with Ed and I goofing off. I don’t have to impress anyone. I can be myself. And I like the coffee.

What is your favorite brew style?

French Press. I like the nutty taste.

What hopes, dreams, and/or aspirations do you have?

Right now my #1 priority is my sobriety. I don’t plan ahead. It’s one day at a time. I’d like to have my own place, stay here and work, help others. I’m not looking to make a lot of money, but I would like a comfy little place to call my own and share with my cats.

If you could send the world one message, what would it be?

Live life day by day. You can’t predict the future. This past year has changed my thinking. I remember one day a while back I was stopped at a traffic light, yelling at a panhandler to “GET A REAL JOB”. Six months later, I’m homeless living out of my car. That’s how quick it can happen.

And, one more thing. A true friend will never tell you, “I owe you”. True friends never feel like they need to pay each other back. They just do things for each other because they want to do good for one another.


Swing by the Dignity Roasters Coffeehouse to meet Carol and the rest of the team! Open Monday-Saturday, 8am-2pm!

Melissa GibsonMeet Your Barista: Carol Boyer

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